The Rec(ommendation) Room

Product Recommendations

I love it when you get a really good deal, a great value or a great product. I love it when you find something that is super helpful.

These are just a few links to various products I personally own, have used and would recommend. While they are Amazon links, and therefore as an affiliate I get a (very) small percentage of the sale, I want to be clear that these are products I own myself.

Happy shopping! Feel free to comment with any questions šŸ™‚

Lodge Cast Iron 3.2 quart pan

These replaced my Calphalon and I love them. No sticking.

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Streamlite LED headlamp

Bought this for the hubby as he wanted one. He loves it. Good light output. Looks hilarious.

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Westinghouse Ceiling Fan

Looks great installed, low profile for lower ceilings too!

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XCords for Apple iPhones

Great replacement cords for your phone. Heavy duty cord covering.

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Baby Merlin's Magic Sleep suit

This thing seriously works!

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