The Magnolia Story by Chip & Joanna Gaines

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I have read a lot of books. A lot. This is hands down one of the best books I’ve read, ever. It is inspiring, touching, funny and SO Chip and Joanna.

I’ve watched all of the Fixer Upper TV shows from the four seasons that HGTV has aired it. I think the large appeal of the show is not only the amazing designs that the two of these amazing people create, but the relationship that they have together. They are a husband and wife team that also serve as the construction foreman and interior designer for their company, Magnolia Homes. In addition to being successful in the real estate/building industry, they also own the Magnolia Farms Silos, a local Waco landmark which encompasses the Magnolia store as well as a bakery. The show focuses on their ability to take a couple, find them the “worst house in the best neighborhood” and fix up the property to be exactly what the homeowners want it to be.

While the show chronicles the business endeavors and building adventures they face, the book follows the story of Chip and Joanna the people–their stories both before and during their lives together, their challenges and successes. And there are many of both. If you aren’t a fan of the show, you might be tempted to wonder if these two are making up their fantastic story, or at minimum, playing up the loving couple angle. But the magic of the Gaines’ family is their sincere and authentic love for each other, the magical balance they’ve achieved of love, friendship and partnership. The greatest part of this book is that it solidifies the perception you have of them–hardworking, down-to-earth people who have fought for every thing they’ve achieved. And yet, they are humble, and kind and are never ashamed to give the credit of their blessings to God. They are true to their faith, their upbringing and their hometown.

The story of Chip and Joanna is one filled with many (many) hilarious and touching moments. There are crazy moments that make you cringe, moments that make you cry. They are real people, who have achieved great things by simply being who they are–good, honest, kind, goofy, savvy, Christian people. They never lost sight of their goals and dreams, even during the times of extreme stress. They never lost sight of each other, and their love for, and support of one another is beautiful. Even if the Gaines’ weren’t successful with their Magnolia empire (which they are…vastly), they have achieved the truest success of being THAT couple that you truly aspire to be–the ones that put each other first, bring out the best in each other, support each other without hesitation, and realize that come rain or shine, richer or poorer, they already have it all by having each other.

If you want something to cheer you up, to inspire you, to make you believe in miracles then the Magnolia Story needs to be your next purchase. You’ll thank me.

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