The Little Things Happiness Project



Tired of seeing sad things? Let’s readjust our mindset and focus on finding the little things, moments, experiences, memories that give us joy. Are you ready to take the challenge??



I can’t watch the news. Worse, I can’t watch anything live. I DVR everything and watch later when I can fast forward all of the boring, non-show parts. Especially any news blurbs and updates. (Side note: how DID we live without pre-recorded TV??) I just can’t. Too much animosity. Too much negativity.

While I can’t change the state of the world, and I can’t guarantee every day will be great…how much better could our lives be if we purposefully found something to be grateful for  each day? Not just the BIG things: family, health, jobs, etc…those are obvious huge staples that we know we are blessed by. I’m talking about finding the silly little things that bring you a little added joy for no reason whatsoever. Maybe its painting your nails, playing a video game, or a vase of flowers. Maybe it is sitting under a tree and watching clouds or riding a bike. Maybe, at any given time, it’s all of these. But whatever your joy, do it!

Our lives are made up of a few BIG moments, and thousands of ordinary, every day, little ones. But it is the little ones that sometimes really make your day. The tiny, sometimes insignificant things that are so small you sometimes don’t even think about them until you experience it and then it just resets your mind.

In today’s world, there is a lot of heartache. Life is full of stress and events we can’t control. So I challenge you to think of five little things that make you happy that you can focus on when you need a pick me up. Nothing big, nothing expensive…just five small things that bring YOU joy. (Can focus on ways to bring others joy in a different post!)

Here are my five, in no particular order.

I quite seriously love, love, LOVE the sound of wind chimes. It means there’s a breeze, and it is just this delicious tinkling that reminds me of the fairies from Peter Pan and a nice spring day. Every time I hear wind chimes, I smile.

This one is weird, I’ll give you that. I cannot say for sure what it is about this song that apparently “speaks” to me…maybe its my love for 80s music. Maybe the level of concern and commitment from the singer on finding his friend a ride home. Who knows, but I swear if I hear it, I can’t pass it up on the radio. It makes me happy, I have no clue why. But hey, who cares right? Drive = instantly happy Hollie.

Rain in general makes me happy (I live in Southern California; it’s rare) whether I’m listening to it, playing in it or just watching it while curled up reading a book. Rain cleanses the air, the Earth, the soul. I love the smell of rain, and how every time I smell it, a hundred different thoughts and memories flood my brain. Rain just seems to reset the world and make it more vibrant, happy and clean.

I know that a lot of people find baths disgusting. I’m not one of those people, though in fairness I only take a bath to relax. Hot, steamy water with fragrant bubbles or oils while reading a really good book…my idea of relaxation heaven. Fairly easy to do after the kids go to bed, too.

Again, this one isn’t for everyone but I love too cook. I actually find it relaxing in a way, and there is nothing that makes me quite as happy as having something I worked hard on turn out successfully (or conversely, a meh meal makes me sad…especially if it is a new recipe!) I love making my family happy, and this is one way I can. Plus, who doesn’t love to eat good food?

It is my sincerest hope that this “project” will spread some cheer, give ideas to others, and help us focus on attainable things to be grateful for. Maybe it will give someone else a new idea for a quick little happy pick-me-up that they desperately need. Happiness is everywhere friends, you just have to know where to find it!

So here’s the challenge: Comment with YOUR five little things that make you happy (besides family, friends, job, etc.)? Comment below!


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  1. Debi Chance says:

    #1-nutty coconut ice-cream
    #2-clove candles
    #4-crocheting something pretty
    #5-laying in bed with NOTHING to do
    These are some of mine. Honestly my top 5 are my family, but you said not to list them!

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