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Simple Fresh Tomato Soup

If there is a food more wonderful than a fresh tomato, I don’t know what it is. I have a serious passion (addiction?) for tomatoes. I love them. Love to eat them by themselves, in a soup or stew, salad…everywhere. Sweet, tangy and with a host of amazing nutritive benefits (hello lycopene!), tomatoes are also

Amazing Herbs: Basil

Love basil? I do! Basil is a great addition to many dishes, as well as being a digestive aid. Some herbalists feel that along with easing digestive functions that it can also cure headaches and anxiety. Additionally, there are multiple types of basil, which all have different flavors and uses. Here is a quick photo

Pasta Salad

So when I say that this is one of the easiest to change up, I mean it. I’ve yet to have a bad combination in this salad, and often just use whatever I have on hand. It’s like the junk drawer of salad…tons of stuff. And you can absolutely add or leave things out of

Buttery Soft Pretzels recipe

There are few things in life that I enjoy more than carbs, and I say that with the worst kind of absolute sincerity. My biggest nightmare is being told at some point that I need to cut out carbs.  A life with no spaghetti? No cake? I pity gluten-free people. They always just look sad

Slow Cooker Barbacoa Beef