She Owns The Knight & Bewitching The Knight by Diane Darcy

Bewitching the Knight:

In Medieval Scotland, if she dresses, talks, and curses like a witch…
Archaeologist Dr. Samantha Ryan has figured out where The Scottish Crown is hidden—an artifact that went missing over 750 years ago. Now she just needs to beat her lying, cheating competitor to the Highlands and find it first. When a struggle ensues, they travel back in time to medieval Scotland where, unfortunately, the villagers think she’s a witch, tie her up, and start gathering wood for a bonfire. Thinking to play on their superstitions so she can save herself, she curses them all. Not her best idea yet.
…it’s time to gather firewood!
Laird Ian MacGregor is a dead man walking. It’s only a matter of time before one of the many attempts on his life will succeed. When he is informed the villagers are burning another witch, he is enraged and determined to save the hapless woman. Unfortunately the foolish female doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut. Ian rescues her anyway, ensuring any headway he’d made toward earning the villagers’ trust is shattered. Locking her up only makes his people fear the witch in possession of his tower—a witch determined to steal the crown entrusted to him. While trying to find a murderer, keep King Alexander’s crown safe, and control the unruly woman who may indeed be gifted with foresight, he finds himself wondering—now that he’s caught her, how does he keep her?
Past and present are about to ignite.
When modern meets medieval, can there be a happily ever after? (Taken from Amazon’s excerpt)

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I stumbled on these books–She Owns The Knight and Bewitching the Knight–when perusing through the Kindle Unlimited library, having been somewhat familiar with some of Diane Darcy’s writing in the Ghosts of Culloden Moor series.

Both novels in this A Knight’s Tale series are medieval time-travel stories, which is not a genre I’m super into (the time-travel part) but were really interesting and well-written. The stories were really interesting and I even enjoyed the time-travel part, surprisingly. It was obviously a part of the setting and story, but was not the focus which is generally the “thing” that bothers me the most about the time travel element. In this duo, the way that Ms. Darcy wrote in the time travel was by far best in the second book, Bewitching the Knight, which follows an archaeologist with freshly-dyed-hair (a major point) who finds herself in medieval Scotland and immediately suspected to be a witch due to her unnatural hair and immodest clothing. I think this was the point that I enjoyed most, because it seemed the most realistic in an unrealistic setting. I mean, really, if you were actually able to time travel, it would be a miracle if a modern person wasn’t considered otherworldly or “evil” by that day’s standards which would lead to some scary situations. I really think that my favorite was Bewitching The Knight although the first, She Owns The Knight was also a pleasurable read.

As far as romances go, both of these stories are clean. Full of romance and sensual situations, with well-developed love stories but no sexual scenes. If you’re a lover of romance, great chemistry and the slow-developing love then these are the books for you. The heroines are smart, sassy and confident…none of the irritating, simpering mess of some romance stories. I thoroughly enjoyed them and would recommend them to anyone looking for a fun summer read (or two!). (Even if you aren’t a huge “time travel” fan–which again, I am not–they’re still quite enjoyable to read and fun stories.)