Hot Butterbeer

Many things cannot be agreed upon. Much like the chicken or egg debate, there are just some things we will never agree on. Like in my house. My hubby is a HUGE Harry Potter fan; I, however, am (very) not. Regardless, you don’t have to love or hate little lightening head to LOVE this recipe. Its simple, sweet and delicious. And I’m super serious on the sweet part. You’ll not want to eat anything else with sugar for at least a day, and if you’re diabetic…well, maybe just a sip for you. I do not remember where I got this recipe–somewhere online–and I wasn’t able to find it when I searched. So if it is yours, hey! Sorry. Not stealing at all. Email me and I’ll happily throw out your name.


Hot Butterbeer
Serves 2

1 can cream soda (for the love of calories, use diet. Tastes the same, I swear)

1/3 c. sweetened condensed mild (again, fat-free exists and it tastes just as good)

1/3 c. butterscotch topping



Mix all three liquids in a pot until it is steaming. If it boils over you’ll have quite the mess to clean up. When its nearly boiling, remove from heat and pour into two mugs. It will naturally be a bit foamy, but you can always add whipped cream if you’re worried that this drink alone won’t be just enough to push you into the diabetic coma realm. Enjoy while watching (or not) Harry Potter.

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