Ghosts of Culloden Moor Series by L.L. Muir

Soncerae is a Muir Witch with impressive power. But is she strong enough to save the souls of 79 young warriors who cannot escape the moors of Culloden? She tempts them with the revenge they seek but hopes she can prove to them that a heart’s desire can mean so much more. (excerpt from the Amazon webpage)

Romance, adventure, history and Scots in kilts…this series has it all. Out of the (many) series and books I have read, this is one of the most fun and creative I have stumbled across. Another one of those great series that are a part of the Kindle Unlimited reads (which is marvelous as there will be 80 novellas in all), this is a great series of quick stories that all tie together, yet can be read in any order. They are clean reads–a fact that is important to the author and creator L.L. Muir–so they are appropriate for any audience.

Ghosts of Culloden Moor by L.L. Muir

The series starts with The Gathering, which is the only story that must be read first, to make sense of the series. Following that are the individual stories of the 79 “Ghosts of Culloden Moor” that make up the series itself. Along with the series creator Muir, authors Diane Darcy, Jo Jones and Cathy MacRae also contribute their voices to the various stories about the 79 former Scot soldiers in the Battle of Culloden that have been unable to move on for nearly 300 years.

For those that are uncomfortable with paranormal, which I typically am, I would say that the overall effect is akin to a Disney film. The majority of the supernatural element is in name-only (for the most part) as each ghost is reverted to mortality for each story. The young witch who helps each ghost to “move on” is pulled from Muir’s apparent Scottish heritage and the folklore surrounding the Muir clan having supernatural abilities. There is nothing that is dark or heavy about the scenes, instead it is just the lighthearted “vehicle” that ties the novellas together in a really cute and compelling series.

While all (except Rabby which is about a small boy) are romance-based, there are separate story lines and unique reads. Two of my favorites are The Bugler and the latest, Hamish which tie romance and a bit of more historical elements in.

If you’re looking for quick, good reads I highly recommend this series. Currently, there are 30 stories written of the 79  novellas that will make up the series in total. Certainly if you have Kindle Unlimited it is a wonderful deal, as the series is included and free as part of your subscription. Otherwise, at $2.99 (while individually inexpensive) it will end up being a pricey series!

*While I am a part of the Amazon Affiliate program, the Kindle Unlimited series does not garner me any revenue. My opinion is solely my own as I recommend this series. I do not benefit from reviewing it.

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