Finding the Balance

So…remember how I started a blog?? And then promptly dropped off the face of the Earth? Yeah. Me too. I feel the need to apologize to those of you that read this. So…

To the three of you that might actually read this post…I’m sorry! I promise to be better. If nothing else, summer is two weeks away and I’ll have lots more time then.

Life, as of late, has been crazy. I’m sure most of you can relate to that. There are days and times that I feel like I’ve nailed being a working mom….and then some days I feel like I couldn’t fail more if I purposefully tried! In this last month alone I’ve had a lot of challenges, both personally and professionally to deal with, and I’ve struggled to find a good balance of doing both (or sometimes, either) well. With the addition of work, dinner, and general demands of motherhood/wife life, we added in Tae Kwon Do for my son (which he loves; another topic for another day). So for the last month or so, blogging was not even a blip on my radar. Too much, too busy. No time to try recipes, or find cute projects. My life has been all over the place.

We have focused a lot on the subject of “balance” at work these last couple of years. Balancing the load of our personal and professional lives; work and play. When things are working well, when things are in balance we are efficient. We utilize our time, effort and energies to achieve the best possible outcomes. When things are out of balance, we are tired, rushed, unfocused.

Boy, I’ve felt unbalanced a lot lately.

I’m not one to preach what anyone needs to do to find balance, that is not my place. There are certain things that are obvious–nutrition, sleep, exercise–but there are a lot of things that factor in to our well-being that are equally as important–respect, love, kindness, appreciation, purpose and relaxation. These things, while as important as the health factors, are much harder to achieve. Because these are the things we cannot necessarily control. Many of these factors depend on others, or are received from others…and therefore cannot be attained as readily. But I would urge you…anyone, really, to not compromise on these. Make sure to do whatever necessary to be in situations and relationships–personally and professionally–where you are appreciated, respected and treated with kindness. Take time to relax and read a book in a hot bath, watch a movie or just and enjoy a quiet cup of coffee. It might mean you wake up before your kids, or communicate to your spouse that you need some quiet time after the kids are asleep.

You’ll have to fight for this balance in a lot of cases but in the end, it will be worth it. Maybe it is communicating your needs to a boss, a spouse or a change of routine. And it might not always work the way you think it should.  But when you have the things you have to do with the things that you like to do then you won’t feel as rushed, unfocused and stressed. Which means a happier you. I wish I had this nailed down. I wish I could say I’d found some magical key to success in this area, but I haven’t. I’m still in the trenches most days trying to be a good employee, wife, mom, friend, daughter… And maybe there is no answer. Maybe the answers change as we change. But I encourage you  to seek the recipe that makes up your life, balancing out your stress and your fun.

For me, I’ve got work to do. And blog posts to write. And that’s a start to finding mine. 🙂

Thanks for reading.

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