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Here is a list of resources for specific issues in education today. I hope you find them helpful and interesting, regardless of if you are a parent or a teacher...we all love the kids in our lives, and these can only help us help them.

Issues in Education Articles

Online Teaching Resources

Special Education Resources

Apps & Computer Sites

  • ABC Mouse- OK, this is out of the junior/senior high school age group, but it works! My 3 year old used this for about a year and it really did help him learn a variety of skills in a really fun way.
  • Dragon Dictation- a great resource for text-to-speech. Excellent for students for whom typing out thoughts is difficult. Available as an app for iPads as well as computer software.
  • Kahn Academy - Online tutoring in multiple areas; specifically a great math resource.
  • Kahoot- A fun and interactive way for review. You can create games for educational purposes and use them in the classroom.
  • Mindmap Free- For the more visual learners (that prefer things digital via physical), midmap free is a free tool that allows students to map out essay topics, take notes, etc. in a graphic format. Can save or print.
  • Notability App- Great organization and note taking app combining audio recording and pictures. Great help for those that are visual notetakers, however this is only for Apple iPads--no computer program.
  • Quizlet- A digital set of review flash/notecards. Not only can a teacher make them for their own classroom, students can make their own AND there is a massive database of cards from others online as well.
  • Shmoop- A resource for teachers and students. Great as a lesson supplement with additional optional access for students. Shmoop has help for multiple subjects, but is substantially helpful for English. It is a subscription service, but really affordable.

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