DIY Rag Wreath

DIY Rag Wreath

Sorry for the weird picture. I finished this at 10 pm and there was no place to hang it!


I love the shabby chic, country, home-y look. Unfortunately it doesn’t really fit my home. So  when I saw these rag wreaths pop up over and over I swore I’d make one, because I sure wasn’t gonna buy it. (Side note: these things go from $35-60 on Etsy! Yikes!)

Unfortunately they didn’t have my colors at JoAnn’s today, but they did have my moms. So I will be a delightfully amazing daughter and give her the one I had the fun of making.

These wreaths are incredibly easy–well, assuming you can cut in a reasonably straight line and tie a knot–and incredibly time consuming. Maybe not in the scheme of some crafts, but three hours of knot tying can get  a bit tedious. In fact as my husband pointed out, I can better understand the Etsy price range!

There are varying ways to do these, but for our purposes I will show you how to do a basic 12″ rag wreath.

What you’ll need:

  • -About 1.5 yards of fabric cut into strips roughly 1″  x 7″
  • Scissors or rotary cutter
  • 12″ wire wreath form


I was lucky to find a roll of fabric strips at JoAnn’s today. They were 2.5″ wide and 42″ long. It was great–some of the work done for me. To start this wreath you’ll need a wreath form, about 1.5 total yards of fabric split into a few different coordinating designs. The fabric roll I bought had two strips, and there was 10 total different strip patterns. And I had some left over fabric that worked too! So get your supplies together.

After you’ve assembled your stuff, you’re going to need to cut, cut, cut! My rotary was too dull to cut, so I had to use scissors. I cut the strips in half lengthwise and then again every 6-7 inches. I never measured exactly, as to give the wreath the homemade, no fuss look.

Once you get all of your strips cut–and you’ll need somewhere around 250-300 strips (depending on the size of your wreath form), then you can either lay them out according to color (like I did) or just dump them in a pile. The benefit to organizing by color over just adding them as you grab is that you can help it look more even between the various colors. I’m anal-retentive about that sort of thing, so of course I separated mine by color…and then further by pattern.

I might need help. That’s another blog for another day.

Once you have yourself organized, and your strips ready to go, then grab a strip and your wreath form. Starting on the inside, wrap one strip around the inner two wires, like so:

Then you will make a knot. You can just do one knot, and give it a really hard pull to tighten it, or you can double knot it. I actually double knotted mine, which was really difficult with some of the more stiff fabrics. A single knot will work as usually these wreaths aren’t touched and bothered, so the knots don’t really loosen up. Once you’ve knotted it, move it as far toward the vertical wire as you can. Then take your next strip and wrap it around the middle two wires, like this:

Again, knot it and move it down toward the vertical wire (and your other knot) pushing it snugly. Then take another strip and wrap it around the outer two wires, tying  a knot and pushing it down snugly toward your other two knotted strips. Then you start over with another strip around the inner two wires.


Keep repeating this pattern over and over, remembering to scoot your knots down toward each other, and pushing them firmly together. While you can make this looser, it will look less full. If you want a really full looking wreath, then you need to add as many knots to this form as possible. Continue knotting all the way around the wreath.

After about 9-12 knots, you should have something that looks like this.

When you get to the end and tie your last knot (making sure the wreath form is as full as you can get it), turn the wreath over and fluff the rags a bit. Move them and straighten them to where it looks full and there are no gaps showing. You can add a bit of ribbon or string to use to hang this if you want, or just hang like a regular wreath.

My fluffy, easy-to-do wreath.

There you go! This whole wreath probably cost me about $15 total to make before my coupons and discounts. (Teachers! Make sure to sign up with JoAnn for your 15% discount!) My mom absolutely loved it and immediately hung it up on her wall. It is cute, adds a lot of color and is so versatile. The thing I love most is the ability to change the color scheme to fit any home or holiday, and it is really inexpensive. Certainly cheaper than buying one one Etsy for $60!

What do you think? Would you make this project? Comment below!

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