Crochet Patterns

I love crocheting! I’m really a novice, but think it’s fun anyway. Check back soon cute patterns!

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This beautiful ripple blanket is gorgeous and absolutely on my to-do list! I love the soft colors and pairing. It reminds me of the ocean. It certainly is a suuuuper easy pattern to match up to your own color scheme. Check out Persia Lou’s website for instructions, and even a video if you are more of a visual learner!





Courtesy Celeste Young via Ravelry

This pattern is one I’ve actually done myself, only I did my Christmas-themed with red and green yarn. It isn’t the most simple pattern, but it is gorgeous and unique with the star-shaped design. For this design (free courtesy Celeste Young via Ravelry), follow this link to the website and click “download” in the upper right of the page. Again, this is a pattern for a somewhat experienced crochet-er, but if you’re brave give it a go! I was not very good when I made mine, so it probably took WAY longer than it needed to, but it turned out beautifully.