Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

I found this recipe at, and it is ahhhhhmazing. Like, want to sob carb-filled tears of joy, amazing. I actually might have, I don’t remember.

So this journey began when I had pizza from Giordino’s when we vacationed in Florida. No, that’s wrong. It started when I started working at my teaching job a decade ago. My boss was from Chicago, and on the board next to her desk she had this flyer from a place called Giordino’s Pizza. I’m sure it was to remind her of home, it just made me hungry. Like, daily. Well sad for me, there are no Giordino’s in California (though I heard they were going to open one in Las Vegas soon!) so I pretty much got to stare at this amazing pizza every day, all day, for like…ever. Well, until she moved to her own office and took her flyer. So we can sum up Hollie’s work life as perpetually hungry for like three years.


After we went on vacation to Florida about two years ago, we found a Giordino’s and ate there. It was as delightful as the picture, folks. I came back from Florida (fatter) on a quest to recreate this deep dish pizza. I was fortunate enough to find a great deep dish pizza pan on Amazon–because Amazon has basically everything in the world–and get it for Christmas. Step one: check. (Side note: I cannot recommend the pan enough. It works for deep dish pizza and pies. Cooks amazingly well, super evenly and its great. If you are interested CLICK HERE.)

Next was trying to find a recipe. Enter SallysBakingAddiction. Her recipe is not quick, as you make your own dough and that does take a bit, and you make your own sauce (I will never again buy pizza sauce!) but it is SOOOOO worth the effort. The pizza is to die for. Just look at it.

I cannot recommend this recipe enough. It is one of the BEST things I’ve ever made. It would be great for a date night, Valentine’s day, or just any day you want to impress someone with absolutely amazing food. Or to heck with others, if you want to hog the whole thing, no one will blame you.

To get the recipe, CLICK HERE to be redirected to SallysBakingAddiction.

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