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Amazing Herbs: Sage

To me, sage is something that takes me straight to Thanksgiving. Sage is a common ingredient in stuffing (or dressing, as some call it) that graces each table every holiday season. It is warm, earthy and adds a rich tone to whatever you add it to. However, sage is so much more than part of

Amazing Herbs: Basil

Love basil? I do! Basil is a great addition to many dishes, as well as being a digestive aid. Some herbalists feel that along with easing digestive functions that it can also cure headaches and anxiety. Additionally, there are multiple types of basil, which all have different flavors and uses. Here is a quick photo

Blackberry Sage & Ginger Lemonade

  One of the best things about this drink is that it is really different. If you’re a fan of the Melting Pot, then you may have heard of (or tried) something like this before, but if you haven’t then you are in for a special treat. This drink is sweet and tangy, with a

Instant Spiced Tea

This is a recipe that my grandma had gotten from a friend, that has been passed down and made every Christmas season. It is easy to make, really tasty, and makes for a great little Christmas gift if you package some in cute containers. This is one of those recipes that when you taste it,

Virgin Pineapple Mojito

Pineapple Mojito I pretty rarely ever drink. Just not really my thing. But one of the few things I will have is a pineapple mojito. Mint and pineapple come together to form a really refreshing and delicious beverage. However, as I rarely go out to have these (and they’re pretty seasonal), I had to find