About Me

Thank you so much for coming to my house!

There are tons of places that you could spend your time, so I appreciate you stopping by. So a little about me: I’m Hollie and like most women, a wearer of many hats. I am a wife to my junior high school sweetheart, Shaun.

We have quite a fun story that spans almost 25 years if you count when we met to now. It’s a great story…for another time.

Anyway, ten years after high school, we reconnected on Facebook and hung out, which turned into dating. We married December 10, 2010 in what was, to date, the most beautiful wedding ceremony ever. I’m not biased or anything.


Ok, fast forward so you’re not here all day. We have two little boys: Kelan who is four and Kylo, who was just born in 2016. We are fantastically blessed.

On top of all of this, I am a full time history teacher for students with mild learning disabilities at a private school in California. I’ve been there for 11 years now–which is crazy and does nothing to help convince myself I’m not old–and love it.

My real passion however is my family: my goofy, loud, crazy and happy family. I’ve always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. I love doing things for my family. I love cooking dinners that bring everyone together, doing crafts with my son, scrap-booking and capturing our family memories. My favorite thing to do when I have down time (ha) is to read and try to find new ways to save time or money on day-to-day things so I can maximize my time with them after work.

And that is what this blog is about: ways, tips, tricks, recipes…anything, really to improve our lives, to save time, to create shortcuts so that we can be together more. And that is what I want Hollie’s Hobby House to be for you–a place to come and get inspiration and ideas to help save you precious time to have more with those you love.

So, welcome to my “house.” You’re always welcome here, and you’re family too. Feel free to share, to borrow, to be inspired, to laugh.

Thank you for coming!