7 Easy Chicken Dinner Ideas

Chicken. Is there anyone in the world that doesn’t like chicken? You can dress it up or fry it, and its still amazing and incredbily versatile. I mean, really. What can’t you do to chicken? It pairs well with ethnic dishes, with frying, baking and grilling. You can smoke it, add it to pasta or pizza, or just with a simple dash of lemon juice and a light wine sauce. You can add it to salad. It is fairly healthy and low calorie, and great for those on or off diets. In fact most people like chicken so much they get sick of chicken, because they eat it so frequently.

I love chicken because it is so easy to make, especially when I’m tired and after a full day of work have about 3 brain cells left functioning. However, the problem of being “sick of chicken” is a real one for me. I make it SO much, I often just blank on what to do. Do you? Well you’re in luck, because I have 8 recipes that won’t break the bank or rob you of extra family time, but will still provide a great tasting meal for your people.

1.) Thai Peanut Chicken Salad-  I hate mayo and usually chicken salad is dripping with it. Man that makes me gag to think about. The nice thing is that chicken is super versatile and this recipe is a great example. Light, refreshing and yummy. Get the recipe at The Creative Bite blog.

2. BBQ Chicken Pizza- California Pizza Kitchen became famous because of this pizza (well, their version). It is an easy, and tasty recipe that will satisfy all of the most picky eaters. Buy a store bought pizza crust or Pillsbury pizza dough, layer it with your favorite BBQ sauce, chicken (diced), cilantro, red onion and mozzarella. Easy, and delicious for those nights you want to eat in. If you’re a recipe follower, try this one from Pillsbury!


3. Chicken & Spinach Manicotti with Blush sauce Long ago, Olive Garden had this recipe and it was to die for. My mom loved it, and she isn’t a huge fan of chicken OR spinach. So for mother’s day one year I decided to try to recreate it. It actually turned out pretty well, all things considered. While it isn’t made as much today, it is still a really great, menu addition when you’re wanting to add something special to your list. Click here to get the recipe!


4. Chicken Gyros with Tzatziki Sauce-  This was a fun recipe that I made after seeing gyros come up on a dinner recipe search. Really fresh and clean tasting, this recipe is a breeze. You can save yourself time by buying a roasted chicken, too! To see the recipe, click here.

5. Chicken Tamale Pie- This was a great Pintrest find from PinchofYum.com that was a treasure to find. I have used canned chicken, roasted chicken, ground beef and carnitas…all turn out perfect and taste incredible. If you use canned chicken, all the better (& cheaper!). Follow this link to see the recipe at PinchofYum.com

6. One Pot Lemon Herb Chicken & Rice: Because, seriously, who doesn’t love something that cooks quickly (30 minutes!) and all in one pan? Lemon chicken is incredibly tasty, and really healthy as well. Click here to see the recipe from Creme de la Crumb!

7. Chicken Fajitas: Chicken fajitas are super flavorful, quick and easy to make. Sprinkle your chicken with a delicious blend of spices, or marinate in your favorite marinade, cook and eat! Not so much into frying or grilling? Low on time? Try these Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas from CookingClassy. Can’t get much easier than that!