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The Little Things Happiness Project

    Tired of seeing sad things? Let’s readjust our mindset and focus on finding the little things, moments, experiences, memories that give us joy. Are you ready to take the challenge??     I can’t watch the news. Worse, I can’t watch anything live. I DVR everything and watch later when I can fast

Ghosts of Culloden Moor Series by L.L. Muir

Soncerae is a Muir Witch with impressive power. But is she strong enough to save the souls of 79 young warriors who cannot escape the moors of Culloden? She tempts them with the revenge they seek but hopes she can prove to them that a heart’s desire can mean so much more. (excerpt from the

My Lady Viper by E. Knight

First off, I must admit that I have the weirdest…passion? obsession? for all things Tudor. That particular period of history is ironically probably one of the most well known by even an average person as Henry VIII was so larger than life of a person, his story transcends history and gets told and retold. I’ve

The Barefoot Summer by Carolyn Brown

Leaving one widow behind is unfortunate. Leaving three widows behind is just plain despicable. Oil heiress Kate Steele knew her not-so-dearly departed husband was a con man, but she’s shocked that Conrad racked up two more wives without divorcing her first. The only remnant of their miserable marriage she plans to keep is their lakeside

Finding the Balance

So…remember how I started a blog?? And then promptly dropped off the face of the Earth? Yeah. Me too. I feel the need to apologize to those of you that read this. So… To the three of you that might actually read this post…I’m sorry! I promise to be better. If nothing else, summer is