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Educational Resources

Here is a list of resources for specific issues in education today. I hope you find them helpful and interesting, regardless of if you are a parent or a teacher…we all love the kids in our lives, and these can only help us help them. Issues in Education Articles Empathy down 40% in College students

Changing Paradigms by Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson is a leader in the education field, and he speaks in this Ted Talk video about the rising concerns impacting the effectiveness of education in current society. It is an incredible, thoughtful argument in favor of a  change in the educational system to make a more equitable environment for all students.  

Pasta Salad

So when I say that this is one of the easiest to change up, I mean it. I’ve yet to have a bad combination in this salad, and often just use whatever I have on hand. It’s like the junk drawer of salad…tons of stuff. And you can absolutely add or leave things out of

Blue Cheese Bacon Dates

These are incredible, you won’t be sorry! I used THIS RECIPE from Allrecipes as the base and changed it slightly. Ingredients: 4 oz. softened cream cheese (regular or fat free) 8 oz. blue cheese crumbles 1 large package dried dates 1 package bacon, slices divided into 3 Directions: Preheat oven to 375 and line a

DIY Antiqued Wood Photo project

I love this project, I’ll say that right up front. The style might not be everyone’s, but I love it. I love the antiqued look and how the sepia/BW photos give it a rustic old feel. It literally goes with NOTHING in my home, but it was fun to make and so cute. The idea for